Gardens to Visit

Melbourne is one of my favourite gar-dens. Historical importance is matched by its visual delights. Made around 1700, the garden is arguably the best surviving example of the formal French style, subtly adapted for England with hedged walks through woodland…

‘It’s a little piece of heaven in the middle of the country’

One of the world’s foremost garden photographers and author of The Garden Source, Andrea Jones loves to return to her special place at Melbourne Hall & Gardens near Derby.

‘It’s a tapestry, a moving one that changes all the time’

Artist Marie-Claire Kerr is on a painterly mission to revitalise the gardens and arboretum at Derbyshire’s Melbourne Hall.

Winter artistry

Dating back to the 18th-century, the gardens of Melbourne Hall are particularly majestic when covered in snow.

Natural order

At Melbourne Hall in Derbyshire, the autumn is a time of gentle transition, as trees and shrubs take on new colour in a landscape that has changed little since its creation in 1704.

Artistic vision

The magnificent gardens at Melbourne Hall in Derbyshire, which date back to the early eighteenth century, are now owned by Ralph Kerr and his artistic wife Marie-Claire, who has brought a painter’s eye to their restoration.