Kids Map

This is a special colouring map for kids only so paws off parents! It will help to guide you from the Garden Entrance through the Gardens to The Paddocks where our animals live. 

Melbourne Hall Gardens Kids Map illustration

On your walk, look for other wild creatures that call the Gardens home. There are plenty of wild birds flying around, insects, butterflies and bees too. 

As you pass by our huge tumbling yew hedges soon you will spot some of our wonderful statues such as Mercury, the Roman messenger god. 

He’s the very tall statue in the middle of the big lawn. Can you see the wings on his shoes and helmet that helped him fly? Keep going and soon you will find yourself under the branches of our very special tree collection. Did you know that the name for a collection of trees is an arboretum?

The Gardens staff work very hard to care for these trees as they provide great shelter and colour all year round.

A bit further on past our ponds and fountains, you will see a magnificent statue called The Four Seasons Vase sitting in the lawn. 

Remember to look closely because there are some squabbling monkeys holding it up!

It’s not long now until you meet the animals. Walk down the avenue with tall lime trees either side and you arrive at The Paddocks where the animals will be waiting to see you. 

We hope you love visiting them.

Download the Map

Click the button below to download the kids garden map.  You can then print a copy for yourself to colour in at home.

Please note: Please be sure to wear appropriate clothing & suitable footwear in the gardens. For your safety, please be warned that there are a number of unfenced ponds in the gardens. It is not advisable to leave children and dependants unsupervised. All visitors enter the gardens at their own risk.