The Gardens Map

When planning your next trip to Melbourne Hall Gardens, use our map to avoid missing out on any of the garden’s key garden features.

Melbourne Hall Gardens Map

The Map

The map will guide you from the Garden Entrance Gate down the elegant Library Walk around the waterside of The Great Basin and to the beautiful iconic Birdcage. Don’t miss the Yew tunnel, the historic iron baskets filled with flowers or the collection of statues. The Wishing Well is labelled here too so look for that when you’ve passed the Millstream Borders and Bog Garden. 

If it’s the Animals you are heading for then it will speed you and your family along the way and you can admire the Four Seasons Urn and Lime tree avenues, which include the circle called The Nine Pins, en route. When returning to the exit you may wish to wander past the Hall itself and down through the Winter Garden taking a last look at the Muniment Room before reaching the Gate.

We very much hope you will enjoy the wealth of trees, flowers and shrubs throughout the grounds along your journey.

If you prefer, you can enjoy this map at your leisure as a souvenir of the gardens to enjoy from home.

Clicking the button below will allow you to download the Gardens map in PDF format. You can then print a version for yourself if you wish, so that you’ll have it to hand to guide you around the grounds whichever way you chose.

Please note:

Please be sure to wear appropriate clothing & suitable footwear in the gardens.

For your safety, please be warned that there are a number of unfenced ponds in the gardens. It is not advisable to leave children and dependants unsupervised.

All visitors enter the gardens at their own risk.